Baptismal Regeneration

The phrase “Baptismal Regeneration” is the name of a “construct” that conveys to the reader or hearer, that some type of water baptism [The types and modes vary and are as numerous as the religions, religionists, traditions, and denominations that advocate the name: “Baptismal Regeneration”] is required, imposed, or administered, in order that generation [Birth, or New Birth], in part, might be achieved, initiated, or sustained.
The “complexity” of the construct known by the name: Baptismal Regeneration has generated so much chaos that even its advocates are wary to fully embrace it, as in the case of a very prolific author within Christendom, Max Lucado, who so de-emphasizes the name, Baptismal Regeneration, that many of his ardent fans and followers would have to be told that he is a practitioner of the art, and an advocate of the doctrine called: Baptismal Regeneration.
Also, the complexity of the construct and the conjoined realities of the chaos that has ensued for centuries are seldom evaluated according to the KOINE texts. First, the phrase, the name: “Baptismal Regeneration” does not appear anywhere in any KOINE text. Second, no text appears in any KOINE New Testament that contains the term Baptize and Regenerate, neither any text that includes Generate and Baptize.

Mark 16:16
TEXT: He that believeth and is baptized shall be saved; but he that believeth not shall be damned.
KOINE ὁ πιστεύσας καὶ βαπτισθεὶς σωθήσεται ὁ δὲ ἀπιστήσας κατακριθήσεται
Applying the KOINE formula for “conjoined nouns” when the first has an article and the second does not to the verbal substantives in Mark 16:16 by only changing the word “and” to the phrase “that is” allows the text to read accordingly:
“He that believeth, that is, is baptized shall be saved; but he that believeth not shall be damned.” (KEV)
Thusly, one realizes that the writer is speaking of “one thing” not two. The one thing about which KOINE is speaking is “believe.” The term “baptized” further describes “believe.” Thus, KOINE does not support any traditional construct that would impose or extract a “baptismal regenerative” doctrine onto or out from this text. KOINE dissolves the embarrassing difficulty associated with this text.
Further, one can observe that in Mark 16:16, the appearance of the terms “water, or regenerate” does not occur.
For the advocate of any form of the multi-variate doctrines called by the same name: “Baptismal Regeneration,” a KOINE text would need to exist that would translate into something like this:
He that believeth and is baptized into water by someone that also has been so baptized, for the purpose of being regenerated, that is, for the purpose of having one’s sins remitted, then she or he shall be saved, that is, born from above; but he that believeth not, as demonstrated by her or his refusal to be baptized into water accordingly, then she or he shall be damned.
After these numerous additions to the text, then Mark 16:16 begins to transform into that form otherwise omitted in all the KOINE New Testaments.


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