No Water for Baptismal Regeneration

As an apologist, one must clarify for the pre-primed advocates of Baptismal regeneration, as well as, those pre-primed against Missionary Baptists Apologists. That is, as a Missionary Baptist disallows for water in any particular text, and likewise demonstrates its impossibility, certain ones might present symptoms of pre-priming, that is, negative radicalizing that find such a person so primed as to be willing to accuse the Missionary Baptist apologist of advocating something called: “Spirit baptism.”
The accusation stems from a willingness to ignore the context in which a Missionary Baptist Apologist disallows water in any particular text; specifically, the contextually reality called: “No water for Baptismal Regeneration.”
The Missionary Baptist Apologist will not find water in any text for the purpose of advocating “Baptismal Regeneration,” nor will he find “Baptismal Regeneration” in texts that do mention water baptism.
Regrettably, even this faithful Apologetics and Outreach Ministry of the Landmark Missionary Baptist Church in Jacksonville, Arkansas has incurred the accusations by pre-primed, radicalized religionists who adamantly condemn our work stating: “If not water baptism, then you are advocating a spiritualized kind of baptism.” To which we at, and Landmark Missionary Baptist Church graciously reply: “No water” refers only to “water for the purpose of Baptismal Regeneration;” however regrettable that extreme and completely unfounded accusation might be, a Missionary Baptist Apologist will not find “water for baptismal regeneration” in even one KOINE New Testament; nor will any religionist find a Missionary Baptist permitting any water baptism for the completely alien purpose called: “Baptismal Regeneration.”


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