Hosannicide: How Mob Members and their Mob Mentality Kill, Steal, and Destroy

This post is not about the crowd, nor its mobsters: That is, whether they were the same people that shouted “Hosanna” as those that later shouted, “Crucify,” or not; rather it is about the change in sentiment that cost Jesus His life. When this author was just a youngster, he recalled an elegant preacher with the deportment and demeanor of a gentleman. He was highly touted; he was a recipient of a “lower-case” hosanna. I have since learned since that his demise occurred at the hands of a mob mentality expressed according to what is professionally called: “mobbing.” Mobbing according to contemporary psychological observations can, and does cause heightened emotional states, risking the mobbed one susceptible to stress-related illnesses: It’s distressful!
Articles have cited that it is not unusual for mobbing targets to suffer heart attacks or strokes, or even to commit suicide. Further, heightened emotional states can confuse the mobbed one, making it difficult for her or him to concentrate, and subsequently do his work of service: He might experience a severe bout of depression and subsequently realize that same depression inducing the initial early onset of dementia. Susceptibility to depression can soon spiral out of control, the mobbed one finds that he has no escape plan; and, having no exit strategy, eventually succumbs to the adverse health effects of what this article means by the term “Hosannicide:” That scholastic and genteel pastor about whom I had heard as a youngster was later diagnosed with early onset dementia, and eventually died from Alzheimer’s.
Yet, he was once lifted high, in order that those who incited the mob might dash him to pieces. When a youngster, I had only heard echoes of the hosannicide of that elegant pastor; he was, ironically, followed by another pastor, one also highly hailed, one that likewise received a “lower-case” hosanna; and, again, he, like the former, was soon mobbed: He was targeted, eventually overwhelmed, and finally he too succumbed to the swarming mass. (This youngster, however, noticed that the mob was led by the same mobsters as the previous mobbing event).
Of course, having acquired a taste for inciting a mob mentality, those Mobsters who incited the mob of old had by now acquired a seared conscience, and had begun to make sport of it. Another pastor came-I’m no longer a youngster at this time, but still quite a young person-and he too received a “lower-case” hosanna, he too was highly hailed…he too was mobbed, he was sent away like a scapegoat into an unknown wilderness. By now, all hope was lost that a Church could be found in which the Lord of Glory was actually the Lord, that is, the Controller of it: No expectation that a called out body of baptized believers, covenanted together for the purpose of carrying out the Great Commission would ever be realized in our community: Perhaps hope was lost.
Nevertheless, another pastor came: He too received the laudation of a “lower-case” hosanna, he too was highly hailed; he took the oversight of the congregation, carefully instructing, shrewdly dealing with those that had become professionals at inciting a mob mentality. However, after enjoying a season of unprecedented growth, and education, they began to turn against that pastor also: What else could Mobsters do?
Their Palm branches now long shriveled, it was time to move toward their most favorite cry: Crucify, Crucify! However, he was far too wise for them all; for, he had an escape plan, an exit strategy! He had trained the one that would soon follow him: He had prepared him through education and example. So, when this former youngster emerged to receive the feigned laudation of their “lower-case” hosanna, things would not end the same; for this former youngster was wise beyond their years; and, had learned well, and had not entered their lair without knowledge of their feigned faith.
This pastor did not find himself alienating his support system at the time he would need it most. He began working diligently, training men, building and edifying them as he had been, pointing them all toward the One Who suffered from the emotional ordeal of knowing the joys of Hosanna, and the sorrows of Crucify: Jesus the Christ! Regrettably, mobbing targets often attempt to defend themselves or worse, to air out their grievances, repelling the very ones they need the most, losing their closest allies, alienating themselves from their supporters.
Jesus never became one, like anyone of us, who could be heard whining about His awful condition; rather He gave us an example to follow: He opened not His mouth. Hosannicde is unlawful in the United States of America: It presumes the right to deny the inalienable right of the Lord’s Church to peaceably assemble. Hosannicide presumes the right to ignore the terms and conditions of the New Covenant: The very birthright of the body members, including its pastor.
For this pastor, leading the local congregation to be observing Communion; especially, to be deliberately meeting the terms and conditions of it, led to the purging out of the old leaven: The pretense of the mob and its mobsters. Yes, they have made idle threats; but, because of this great nation, like all nations onto which God, the Father of Jesus Christ sheds His grace, and because of the New Covenant, the New Covenant in the blood of His Son, no one suffers any longer form even the possibility of “Hosannicide.” Praise God for our Good Shepherd Who has never orphaned us.
Jesus’s experience with Hosannicide began with His Triumphal Entry in Matthew 21:1-10, in which the masses followed Jesus as He walked from Jericho to Bethphage; then rode a donkey into Jerusalem: He deserved them shouting,

Hosanna to the Son of David! Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord! Hosanna in the highest! Matthew 21:9 (from Psalm 118:25-26)

Notice, our King has come, and He remains: In His Assembly, His Assembly of called-out, baptized believers, He is not rejected, and His ambassadors are not subject to “Hosannicide.” Praise God for His strategically localized New Covenant Churches; for, within them He is glorified, and His sheep are fed. Jesus has asserted His authority over those Mobsters and their Mob: Both are gone, once for all “purged-out” like the old leaven they are. All authority in heaven and upon the earth is given to Him, and His congregants kneel only to Him and to Him alone in spirit and in truth: We do not follow along with those that cry out, Crucify, Crucify! We absolutely do not engage in mobbing.
He did not deserve to experience Hosannicide; But they cried, saying: “Crucify him, crucify him.”
May God help all pastors that are engaged by the unlawful practice of mobbing! If you are encountering mobbing in your workplace; especially, in your service in the Assembly over which God has placed you as its overseer, know your rights, keep good records, document everything, guard His flock from the Mobsters, by unashamedly guarding yourself! Be shrewd as a serpent, yet gentle as a dove!


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