Divine-Climate Change

Through research into both the decay-rates and life-spans within both the Old and New covenant scriptures, correlatives, along with antithetical features can be evaluated, in order that an appreciation for Divine-Climate change can be realized. The Divine Ratio demonstrates a deliberately designed governance of the entire galaxy of the repaired earth. Through the establishment of referential time in Genesis 1:14, lifespans of mankind are demonstrably quantified, and upheld by design. Consequently, the once endless, indefinite lifespan enjoyed by Adam was reduced to a 1,000-year lifespan; then, as with both reductions, the 1,000-year span underwent a drastic, approximate 90% reduction to under 120-years. antithetical, they do, however, directly correlate to the observable reality of relativity throughout the physical universe.

Noteworthy, then, is the repaired earth’s role in “climatizing” the approaching regenerated, millennial earth. As earth’s two primary motions govern time and; consequently, the lifespans of all mankind, so also, do the earth’s two motions, rotation and revolution directly affect climate changes, so affecting the repaired earth as to realize its ultimate “green earth,” characteristic of the Millennial reign of Christ.  Divine-Climate change, therefore will continue to occur as the earth’s two motions continue to reduce the distance between the North and South poles; and to expand its equatorial bulge along the equator, increasing atmospheric moisture through ice-melting, along with accelerated water evaporation.

Considering the Bible’s description of the conditions of the earth during the millennial reign according to scriptures like Isaiah 35, 60-62, 65; Ezekiel 40-48; Micah 4, and Rev. 20-22, the forces according to which “the millennial climate” will be achieved are already active. As with the use of earth’s motions to directly govern time and limit lifespans; so also has the Godhead demonstrated marked, and incrementally, measurable effects upon climate changes.

Because the millennial reign will be an earthly one, so also will its climate. As Christ will be the One ruling from the New Jerusalem, the city which will have descended from heaven; He will continue to Lord over the Universe, having resulted to govern today’s climate according to the repaired earth’s motions, in order to create the ideal climate conditions of the millennial kingdom.

Likewise, as Christ resides above Mt. Zion, He will rule in righteousness over the inhabitants of millennial earth, governing both lifespans and climate by His sovereign control of the earth’s known motions. As divine-climate changes continue to occur, the end toward which these changes are directed are knowable through one’s knowledge of the conditions similar to those prior to the fall of Adam. Divine-climate change is the means of restoring the regenerated earth to its unique conditions: Tame animals, the absence of war, an abundance of fruit production; waters again teeming with fish, daily life enjoyed under righteous governance, assured peace, and a perfect climate.

“Doomsday” mongers alarm the repaired earth’s inhabitants of impending doom, and destruction, deliberately ignoring the Bible’s promises of a millennial earth, a 1,000-year reign of Christ upon earth. Consequently, then, no correlation between the good news of Christ’s lordship over His creation is announced or even mentioned.  A return to a long lifespan like that of the antediluvian age, realizing numerous people living for hundreds of years.

Evidence of the assurance that the climate changes are unto a good end, rather than the disastrous one, can be realized by knowing that as the earth’s rotation and revolution rates appear to fluctuate, they do so according to a former approximate millennial cycle, and today according to a centurial one. The climate’s changes, therefore, necessarily follow these changes as the equator fluctuates in its distance from the Sun.

Christ’s faithfulness to sustain the rotation of the earth causes daylight to become night time, while His willingness to complete each full revolution allows all earth-dwellers to enjoy summer becoming winter, and vice versa. By the process of the sustained rotation and revolution of this “repaired earth,” the climatizing of its weather conditions are ever-changing toward the long-awaited millennial earth conditions.

As the repaired earth revolves around its sun, today’s knowledge tells us that its axis is tilted from perpendicular to the plane of the elliptic by ~23.45 degrees. This is the “post-diluvian” axis on which the repaired earth now rotates every 24 hours. Accordingly, “since the axis is tilted, the effects of revolution of the Earth is different for different parts of the globe. Certain areas are tipped towards, or away from, the sun at different times of the year. This tilting causes the four seasons of the year. This tilting also creates opposite seasons in the Northern and Southern Hemispheres” (Retrieved from sciencing.com). These multi-variate times are similar to the phenomenon of the multi-variate ages of the repaired earth’s components: Components extracted from the debris field of first earth’s judgment.

Dire warnings of our repaired earth’s climate change include sweltering heat waves, torrential downpours; elevated sea levels, crop failures, along with an irrecoverable loss of life sustaining ecosystems. All of these “alarmist sound bites” ignore, and nullify the Bible’s teaching of God’s control over the earth’s motions to accomplish His end and purpose for it; namely, to accommodate His Son’s faithfulness to replenish the earth, a work which the first Adam abandoned.

Sir Isaac Newton, a renowned theologian, correctly proposed that this repaired earth “flattens at the poles because of rotational forces.” These rotational forces cause “divine-climate changes:” Changes that will eventually transform the weather conditions of this repaired earth into the millennial earth’s conditions described in the Bible. Knowledge of the Bible doctrine of time is the rationale for one’s knowledge of why the repaired earth bulges at the equator; namely, because of the  centrifugal force caused by the earth’s motions of rotation and revolution: The repaired earth is more accurately modeled as an ellipsoid, that is, as a sphere somewhat flattened at the poles.

-Dr. John E. Penn

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